Wrong frame dimension when copying parameters

Import the two clips attached below, select the clip with aspect ratio 4:3 and adjust the settings as shown below.

Now, copy the settings to the other clip by using either Ctr+A or Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click. Then, watch the frame dimensions underneath “Prioritize Height” while switching between both clips. Both show 1440x1080, which is wrong for the second clip. It should show 1920x1080.´, becasue it has an aspect ratio of 16:9 with square pixels. Instead of recalculating the size for the second clip according to the settings of prioritize height, it seems to copy constants, which is unexpected behavior. And, the wrong frame dimensions carry over into exported files. This flaw wasted a lot of energy and time during my last batch run.

Surprisingly, when using an anamorphic format for the first clip, e.g. 720x480 4:3, the calculation seems to work as expected when copying the parameters to the second clip. Is this triggered by SAR?

Wrong frame dimension when copying parameters.zip (15.7 MB)

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