Would love to see some included features + a bug?

I would love to see some color tweaking options. Even just a saturation slider would work wonders. I’ve noticed anything ran through VEAI comes out with just a tad less saturation than the original file. If running it through multiple times (IE resolution, then frame rate), the saturation loss compounds and it becomes a noticeable difference. I would love to be able to fix it within the same application, instead it adds an extra (unnecessary) step to run the file through other software to re-gain the lost saturation. Not sure if this is a bug or just a side-effect of upscaling, but I’d love a way to counter it in the application itself.

A pause button.

More grain settings would be nice, such as the ability to choose for grain to affect luma/chroma independently or both.

Output file size estimation for the given constant rate factor would save a lot of time guesstimating and making sample files to guess final file size. I typically make sample files until I get an acceptable picture, but what’s acceptable to my eyes isn’t necessarily acceptable to my hard drive, and I’d love to have the ability to at least roughly know the final file size.

Anything you wish to add to Proteus fine tune, is welcome. Thank you for Proteus, it allows me to fine tune settings to get the perfect result with almost anything.