Would 2D to 3D video be interesting for future features?

I was thinking about this because I have always wanted to experiment around to see what AI would be able to do with converting video over to 3D.

The next 3D trend could hit any time! All it takes is a TV or viewer that is easier to use. I walked past a glasses-less 3DTV demonstration and stopped in my tracks, it was so good. If this had existed 10 or 15 years ago it would have replaced the glasses system which spoiled the reputation … not as bad as the blue/red glasses days, which was truly bad, but I’m ashamed of what “active shutters” did to harm the reputation of all 3DTV.

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I’m happy that you also think ahead on potential uses.

I was disappointed when 3D came out because someone told me they stopped spending money on holograph research and started spending it on 3D technology—and that’s all they were going to focus on in the future.

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I would want to have both options.