Worst update ever

Sooooooo Slow! Please fix this issue. I see that I am not alone in trying to work with something that used to be pretty good. Would rather use Luminar Neo to denoise.

I used to love Topaz Photo AI, but 4.2.1 has spoiled it for me.
It is painfully slow and the UI is not as intuitive.
I wish I could go back a couple of versions.

Every previous version can be re-downloaded and installed; just uninstall the latest version first.


Thank you for that suggestion. I’m back on 1.3.12 for Mac, and something is still terribly wrong. It is still so slow, it’s not usable. The updates window popped up, but the app is so slow that I can’t even scroll through the list. Maybe it’s something with my computer, but Lightroom Classic and every other app is working fine.

Same here- extremely slow and I have tried installing 4-5 times and followed all the advice. I am going to request a refund as it is the worst software I have ever used.