Working with Photo AI and LR

I was sending my photos to Topaz before importing into LR since I can set the photos to export to a specific file. However, now I have to import into LR first because I have to start renaming my imported photos since my R5 started to loop my filenames. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how I can process my photos via the LR plug-in and have my files export to a separate folder, not the source folder.

Can anyone help with this?

The plug-in will always send the LR files BACK to where it came from… Your solution is to import the files into LR, then use the plug-in to process the files…You can then bulk export the processed files from LR to wherever you want.

Thanks, Fred. I didn’t realize that I can batch rename files in finder so I can utilize my same workflow without going through Lightroom first.

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