Workflow with Jpeg to RAW, AI Gigapixel and Ai Sharpen

I worked on an image tonight that my daughter had taken on her i-phone. I first ran it through Gigapixel to double its size and then through Ai Sharpen. I am wondering if it would “better” “quicker” to sharpen the original image and then expand it with Gigapixel? If I add jpeg to RAW what do you think the most effective workflow would be?

The most effective workflow would be to use JPEG to RAW in the first place, produce the look you want, crop and then save the result as a TIFF from the RAW or TIF produced, run Sharpen AI and then GigaPixel to take it to the final size.

Would you use AI Clear anywhere in this workflow?

Sure after the JPEG to RAW conversion as part of creating the look you want.

Thanks Don. Makes much sense. Thank you Sheila for your question as I too I am finding that in the vast majority of cases that Ai Clear is part of my workflow. No always because it can “ruin” the particular look that I am after. It is not all things to all images.

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Why save as TIFF in mid process?

TIFF or DNG, both can be used as both are lossless.

I have gigpixel. Not sure why I would need jpeg to raw. If I use gigapixel on JPEG, which will also remove jpeg artifacts, then output tiff to Pshop or studio I can skip jpeg to raw. Any advantage in using jpeg to raw first? Thanks.