Workflow Suggestions

What is everyones workflow? Here’s my workflow

  1. Edit photo in lightroom.
  2. export photo as a 16-bit tiff
  3. import photo into topaz
  4. Export photo as 100% quality jpeg

Any suggestions?

Very new to Topaz AI but here is what is working so far.
Items used - Nikon RAW files - Affinity Photo - Topaz AI2 V2.4

1 - Open RAW file in Affinity doing only necessary edits (if something is way off such as exposure) develop to Photo persona Rasterize layer and duplicate
2- Open file to Topaz AI using plug in, then manually applying noise, sharpen then Lighting and color if they help (give desired look)
3- Save back to Affinity complete editing using desired tools in Affinity then export to .jpg (If something really nice maybe .tiff)
4- If up scaling is desired the exported file is loaded into Topaz AI directly and after that step is completed the file is saved

Affinity (editors in general) is pretty good at getting results, in my initial experiments with Topaz AI its a lot faster for me to obtain results I like more efficiently.

The thing that looks different than other work flows I see is I use Topaz very early than edit further from that. I saw some suggestions for this early use “style” and its working for me so far. It bucks the “standard” recommendation to sharpen last.


You could use Topaz Photo AI as a plugin for Lightroom :slight_smile:

There are two different workflows for this plugin:

  • The RAW Plugin | File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo
  • The External Editor Plugin | Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI

Topaz Photo AI | Recommended RAW Workflow in Lightroom Classic

Yes, but wouldn’t use the topaz PhotoAI plugin be the exact same as the workflow above?

My basic workflow for images that need some massaging by Photo AI:

  • start with basic adjustments in Capture 1
  • edit with Photo AI (from C1)
  • in C1, finalize editing the tiff that Topaz sent back

I do this specifically so I have the full image adjusted by Topaz, and can make different variants, without having to go back and forth for every variation. Especially useful if I have 1 photo from which I will export different crops.

Also, some stuff I prefer to add after Topaz did its thing (think of adding grain, finetuning of contrast, …)