Workflow redesign needed for large amounts, Projects and Pre-Caching

I’m no longer in contract so I wont see these, and forgive me if they’ve been implemented. (2.1.4 I think is my last update)

The workflow in all your tools suffer from glairing issues that make working on large numbers of items a great trudge.

No concept of projects:
I can load a ton of images and start going through them with the though that I’d later let my computer run and do them all in batch. However, there is no way saving progress. If I know I want to go through say 60 or even 500 images, if I leave the program, all that work is lost if I do not export. If I was rushing and did a mask wrong, or didn’t notice upsizing was auto selected, I cannot go back and make changes, I’ll have to start over again on those images. Also, personally, there are times where I may use my laptop to configure the job, but use my desktop to do the actual work but this is not possible without a Project. This also has the terrible problem of loosing all your work to crashes, power issues, etc.

Waiting for results / Lack of significant caching:
When loading an image with using preset settings or certanily AutoPilot in Photo AI or the other tools, one has to wait for the results after clicking the picture. As machines become more powerful these previews do not take much time at all but they will take some time, in the case of Auto Pilot it is even more pronounced as it seems first the program examines the image, then chooses which of one to several engines to run it through, then produce a preview. There is no option to let this task happen to the entire stack, caching the results when the image is selected. The cache also seems to dump after an mage or two later. Lets say that denoise has turned a face into a mosaic, but the user does not notice until a few images later. Going back up requires that the preview be rebuilt though it had previously existed. One doesn’t need to be made to wait until the entire list of images are done, if interaction with the current image should interrupt the building of previews for other files.

Having Projects to save work before export and Pre-caching not only previews, but face detection, subject detection, recommended settings, would go greatly towards processing large numbers of images and the usability of the program.