Workflow issues with Photoshop CC and Topaz Studio

Up until recently I have used Photoshop CS5 and Simplify 3 to create my artwork. I would always first convert the image layer in Photoshop into a Smart Object. Then I would access Topaz Simplify 3 through the Filters menu. I would make my adjustments in Simplify, save it, and automatically it would send me back to Photoshop. Using a Smart Object in Photoshop gave me the ability to work on my image in a non-destructive way.

If I then chose to go back to Simplify to make a change, I would double click on it within the Smart Object and automatically it would send me back to Simplify with the settings I had just used. I then could make my changes, save it again and back to Photoshop it would go. This made it easy to go back and forth to make corrections.

But I just got a new iMac computer (OSX 10.14) and have upgraded to Photoshop CC and just started using Simplify in Studio, but things aren’t working the same for me. I can no longer go back and forth from Photoshop to Simplify using the Smart Object to make continuous changes. It never sends me back into Simplify with the settings I last used, so I can adjust them, then save it and go back into Photoshop. It starts me all over again each time.

So what am I doing wrong? Am I missing a step while in Simplify that I need to add, so I can go back and forth without having to start all over again? Or has Topaz Studio stopped supporting images that are imported as Photoshop Smart Objects?

Also, is there a way to rename my image in Simplify before its saved and sent back into Photoshop to help me identify the name of the setting I’ve used?

Thank you for your assistance.

Topaz Studio has never supported Smart Objects with reusable parameters. But, even though no longer supported, Simplify (plugin) is still available for download from:

No, Photoshop Plugins only allow naming of the layers before or after processing in a Plugin.

That could be true that Topaz has never supported Smart Objects, but the Smart Objects worked perfectly with my older Mac computer using Photoshop CS5 and Simplify 3. Now the workflow is ridiculous without Smart Objects because I’m having to duplicate layers continually to preserve my work with each new change, so I can backtrack if needed. I’m very disappointed with the changes Topaz has made. But I appreciate your assistance. Thank you very much.

Correction is that Topaz Studio has never supported Smart Objects, Simplify 3 does.

You can still download Simplify 3 and use that. The link to Previous Versions is on my answer above.