Workflow for large number of photos

I do most of the processing in Lightroom. Launching Sharpen from Lightroom for a lot of photos is an odd experience. Select all → Edit in Topaz Sharpen opens up multiple Sharpen instances with 10 or so photos in each. Launching and previewing say 100 bird photos almost freezes my PC (i9-10900, 64GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2060) because that would be about 10 Sharpens calculating previews in each of them. Is it configurable somewhere?

What would be optimal Lightroom - Sharpen / Denoise workflow for a larger amount of files?

The only workaround I have found so far is exporting all photos to TIFFs and then manually launching Sharpen. Haven’t figured out if I should save JPGs from those TIFFs in Sharpen or run through Photoshop or Lightroom.