With apologies to the Fifth Dimension

The Balloons always make me think of that particular piece of music (and sp3 hybrids)


Great work!!

And… “Up, up, and away-ayy…”

Nice effect Terry …

Love the image but I now have that song running through my mind. . . ♪♫♪

Great classic song and great image

Great capture, processing and song…

It could be worse, it could be 99 red balloons (luftballons)…

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Okay, you are officially in the dog house for that. :smiley_cat:


OOH I have opened a can of worms.

I was originally thinking of the Albert Lamorisse film “The Red Balloon” which I used for a piece of creative writing exercise in my post-grad year with some year 4 children. Then I thought the Fifth Dimension because I’d heard the disc on the radio a few days ago ---- but thank you @KenKv you took me right back to my schooldays because we learned German with a bit of help from song lyrics. I’ve not heard the Nena version of the song before ---- but I love it! Sorry anyone who dislikes the song in ANY version. I’d forgotten this song from the 80s.
Thanks also @nnjrob65 @AiDon @Kathy_9 @Laundromat for comments


Terry, tonight they will celebrate Nena on the German TV for 40 years on stage. Maybe you want to have a look. Starts 7:15pm UK time https://www.zdf.de/show/nena-nichts-versaeumt/nichts-versaeumt-100.html

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Peter thanks - I got back to the PC too late but it looks like I can pick up the programme in “catch-up” - will check it out tomorrow