Winners of the Studio 2 Photo Art Competition

There were some really nice images across various categories that were selected.

A lot of very talented people out there! I’m jealous…

But says something for Studio 2 also that it provides the tools to create stuff like that. More often than not I’m wow’d by how radically I see starting images converted by people (who know what they’re doing!) to make the outputs phenomenal.

I hope Topaz runs more competitions like that. Even if I don’t have the talent to win, it’s a fun inspiration to see what others who do create.


Are these images available for all to view, Thanks

I think they were at the time they were announced. I may have gotten an email. I’m sure they must be somewhere… Did you try looking on Topaz’s Facebook page (I don’t use Facebk so don’t know if there’s a search function to try contest or competition)? Perhaps post to the woman from Topaz who just listed another competition. I bet she can point you there.