Wine Installation for Windows | Installer fails

TPAI can actually be installed under Wine and runs well under Linux. Everything I’ve tried seems to work and it even appears to be able to make some use of my old GPU (Intel HD Graphics 530, circa 2015).

The only serious problem I’ve seen is that the installer always fails with a message saying that it “ended prematurely” (attached image 1.jpg).

For a long time, I used to give up att this point. There is, however, a workaround that will install TPAI under recent versions of Wine (I use version 9.2, but I guess that version 9.0 would work also).

When the installer fails, you have to terminate its process to prevent it from deleting everything that it has installed. I use the ‘kill’ command to do that in Linux (image 2.jpg) but there are other ways to do that. Just don’t let the installer run beyond this point or it will delete everything. Don’t click on “Finish” or the X (top right).

Then run the installer again and it will offer to repair the installation (image 3.jpg). Choose that option and everything will be fine (image 4.jpg). Here you can click “Finish”.

I’ve used this procedure to install Topaz Photo AI versions 2.3.0, 2.3.1 and 2.3.2. I hope that this workaround will continue to work with future versions, but it would be much better if the installer could do the whole thing automatically (as it is obviously meant to do). I have submitted two logfiles (using the Dropbox link above):
logfile_1.txt - the first attempt, until the installer fails
logfile_2.txt - the second pass, when the installer successfully repairs the installation

Hopefully this can be fixed relatively easily given that the installer (‘Setup Wizard’) is actually capable of installing the application properly although it does seem to get confused over something and needs to run a second time.

I also have one minor observation: If you look at the last image (number 5) you’ll notice that the icons for (presumably) closing, maximizing and minimizing (top right, encircled) all look the same. I presume that they are meant to look differently and that the corresponding icons couldn’t be shown for some reason. I don’t know whether this is a Wine-related or a Topaz-related issue. I don’t have any other Windows programs so I don’t know whether they would show icons or the problem is specific to Topaz. The Topaz installer doesn’t seem to be affected though, so maybe the TPAI application does its own thing with those icons? Like I said, this is a very minor issue and it is not really a problem, just an observation.