Windows 10 / PSE 2018 / Plug-ins

Hi, I am hoping somebody can help me as I have sent two messages to customer support and nothing… very unusual for Topaz not to reply.

Anyway, I recently installed Windows 10. I have and use PSE 11 and PSE 2018 (or 16 as I guess it is also called). When installing my plug-ins they all installed perfectly in PSE 11 but in PSE some of them did not install. I should add these are the legacy plug-ins but Adjust AI also installed in PSE 2018.

I tried going to plug-ins within PSE preferences and selecting the files and Impression and Texture Effects were there and I clicked on them and now they are installed in PSE 2018 but I am still missing quite a few AND they do not even have a folder where I found Impression and Texture Effects as mentioned above. So, no idea where to go and grab them, if I can.

What should I do?

Any help is appreciated. I suppose I could uninstall the plug-ins that didn’t install in 2018 and try again but I thought I would ask here. Thanks for any and all help and everyone stay as safe as you can.

Kind regards,

Here is the support article, just search support on the main website…