Win 11 Freezing Often Requiring Hard Boot While Export/Preview

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TOPAZ Video AI v4.2.2 Note: Problem ameliorated IF Topaz process (not ffmpeg) is set to efficiency mode. No huge performance issue since ffmpeg is doing the hard work. But repeatable, system lockups common if Topaz AI v4.2.2 (also some priors) not manually protected by setting to Efficiency Mode in Win 11 task manager. I haven’t ever delved into log recovery but can do so as needed, I’m reporting in spite of a process workaround, so no solution required in-thread. Was there a better place for this? TIA all.

I’m in a dev version (unrelated I think) of Win 11, turning old Dark Shadows eps into 1080p & colorized as ness, was once a techie but now 66, not looking to learn more than 2 or 3 new techs at once. :slight_smile: RTX 3080ti, i9 12900K/128GB