Will updating from 2.6.4 to 3.3.5 decrease render times?

Yeah, sorta tight…food inflation is kickin’ my A$$. I think I can afford max $500 for upgrades(but my motherboard needs to support whatever new GPU). In a few years, hopefully inflation will have ‘cooled’, and I can afford a whole new rig with Win 11($4k-5K)

i think on an old mainboard like this even a great graphics card might not live up to your expectations. :eyes:

Yeah, there’s that also. It may not be worth the $300+ for a new GPU(if my motherboard supports it)…there may be bottleneck issues. I’m not sure what my ‘bus’ speed is, but that would limit everything.

I know this issue from a good friend who got an AMD RX 6700 XT for his AMD bulldozer architecture from 2015. The GPU can only deliver a tiny fragment of its full potential on that machine! :pensive:

it will, mines an old as his and the relative GPU I have does wonders.
I have the CPU, MB, RAM that he has and with my 1080 Ti I process my video pretty OK. 100 times better than what he is getting now.

Thanks everyone for all your insights and info. I’ve looked into the RTX 3060 price…seems to be about $700? Too much for me at this time(retired, unemployed, no income)

A friend suggested GTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 for about $250+. While I could afford that, I’m not sure of how much of a speed boost 6GB would give me.

I did notice in the 2.6.4 preference settings, there’s an option to choose either CPU or GPU for processing. Since my GPU only has 512MB, and my RAM is 32GB…would I get faster render speed if I used CPU instead of GPU?

Maybe my best bet is to just wait a few years, hopefully inflation will cool down, I’ll have a bit more $$$ to spend, and just buy a whole new rig?

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I tried using my CPU as my AI processor(instead of my GPU), speed was 6.86 sec/frame, instead of the normal 7.14 sec/frame when using my GPU.

This was my last test:

Dione Interlaced robust dehalo, crop to fill frame off, grain off, CRF 21, CPU 6.86 sec/frame started 9:43AM 7-28-23 ended 10:17AM 24MB 34mins

I really like how the Dione Interlaced robust dehalo looks(all the other interlaced options would not copy the audio)