Will the processing speed slow down if the CPU usage reaches 100%?

Hello, I am using topaz video ai demo version to upscale FHD video to 4K video and convert it to 60 frames. However, since my CPU specifications are low… the utilization rate immediately reached 100% and the processing speed seemed to slow down considerably when working for more than 3 hours. My computer specifications are as follows.

CPU: 5600x
RAM: ddr4-3600 32GB
power: 1050w gold

If I change the CPU to 5950x, will I be able to experience clear performance? Currently, upscaling 2 hours of FHD video to 4K using the gaia model takes more than 14 hours.

Yes it will run slower with the CPU at 100% utilization. TVAI seems to want about 10 CPU cores per video being processed.
So, unless you’re going to process two videos at a time, you can upgrade to a 5900 and still get the same speed increase as a 5950X.

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Thank you so much for the detailed answer!