"Wildfire Smoke Does Strange Things!"

The wildfires in the West have been devastating. However, they have created some extraordinary images. This shot was taken yesterday morning about 50 min. after sunrise. I actually did not crop it very much. And in the end, the only two things that I did do to it were crop it and run it through A.I. Gigapixel at 150%. My rationale was that I am finding that you never really know how much help A.I. Gigapixel is going to give you. I think that we would all benefit from running through A.I. Gigapixel any file that we intend to print. (If I am only going to put something up on social media, it would have to be a pretty severe crop to cause me to use Gigapixel.)


I can’t imagine what people are experiencing with the wildfires other that what I see on the news. This image does depict what it affects it can have. It’s a great shot and nicely processed. I agree with you on GP.

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Yes, what a terrible disaster especially in California.
This is a great image! What did you do for noise reduction because I hardly can find any? Well done

Good shot. I expect many people like me can’t use AI Gigapixel because it requires a pretty powerful graphics card. It can’t be use with my GeForce GT740 (2GB GDDR5 ram) even though I have a Ryzen 5 2600X CPU. I do have Perfect Resize by On1 which is fractal.

Prior to Gigapixel, I used ON1 Resize for years, going back to the Genuine Fractal days (a name that I prefer). It has saved my bacon more than once and has proved to be more than adequate. It’s simply not as good as Gigapixel.

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Interesting discussion, I will have ti watch the webinar and think about the program more!