Wierd Artifacts, Glitches, Blurred Patches using Stabilization

I’ve been getting Wierd Artifacts, Glitches, Blurred Patches in motion using Stabilization. Is there a way or any setting to get rid of these ?

logsForSupport.zip (23.8 MB)
DxDiag.txt (120.6 KB)

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In the Preferences Panel can you double check that the AI Processor is set to the Radeon RX 7900 GPU card.

It is set to Radeon RX 7900. I’ve been experimenting and I found that the issue is related to the “Rolling Shutter Correction”, if I don’t apply rolling shutter correction this issue goes away.

A bit off topic, but I was curious that I get 1.6 fps render speed in full frame stabilization, which is pretty slow. But my CPU, GPU and RAM usage never goes above 50%. Is this also a bug ? Is the software not utilizing all available resources or is it normal ?


Thanks for the update, the rolling shutter could be overcompensating when trying to correct and adding the distortions in.

What app are you using to view the usage numbers?

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Task Manager.

I couldn’t find any bottle neck. Used SSD but the usage and fps was same. System isn’t thermal throlling, temps are within 50-60 degree range. So 50% or below CPU and GPU usage is not normal right ? Because when I use other video editing software, rendering leads to almost 90-100% GPU usage.