Why wont 4K Video Upscale?

[Please describe your idea and how it would be usefuI have to pick TAGS. to get in here. You’d thik paying 300 dollars would get you to a human to help. Photographe and software person for +25 years, I do admit I’m still an idiot but still cannto upscale video. I will not backspace any longer to fix spel check. Why Do I see so many users having this issue and no solution. Plz, give me my money back or just tell us how to use things that a day ago in other apps are free. I bought the image upscale thing. Also cancelled do to never hearing back from Support. I have no idea why this is so noisy.

to you in your workflow.]

Could you send us an email at help@topazlabs.com?

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What he says?! :eyes: