Why I still prefer the individual Topaz Programs over PAI

PAI 1.3.9 on WIN 10 (LEFT) / DeNoise AI 3.7.2 (RIGHT)

Both programs were asked to Denoise (Low Light for DN 3.7.2), nothing else. Looking at the pictures I see that PAI distorts the fine details on the dome of the Taj Mahal. Also the blue sky tint is shifted, the sky on the right picture resembles more the original. So for me PAI is still not on par with the standalone Topaz programs. But sadly it looks that all the time the programmers have is spent on PAI, no more updates for the older programs. What is your opinion?


I feel the same. My results are better with the individual programs (especially Denoise AI) than with PAI. I hope Topaz will continue to support the stand-alones.

Me too, I prefer the results with Sharpen AI as well.
I am not convinced that PhotoAI does a proper job of sharpening or of denoising.

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