Why have quality levels been removed from Save in Gigapixel?

I just updated Gigapixel to v6.2.2 and discovered to my horror that Topaz have removed the ability to control the level of save quality! Why? I absolutely rely on that to get the right balance between quality and size of file. I settled on level 7 for my needs, but now the automatic save produces files which are at least 3 times the size, compared to what I have been getting in the past.

Sharpen AI v4.1.0 still offers 5 levels of save quality (lowest to max), while DeNoise v3.7.0 does not. Topaz Photo AI also has no save level option and is the main reason why I do not use it, although having said that I was disappointed with the results compared to what I could get out of Gigapixel, by controlling and tweaking more settings manually.

Is it possible for me to roll back to an earlier version of Gigapixel which still has the quality options for saves? And does anyone else like having the extra control when saving files?

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Looks like I can answer my own question thanks to such a fast response from Preston at Topaz - thanks! The update reset the save feature and I did not realise I had to change it from “preserve format” to jpg to reveal the save levels. And so doing, I discovered that this was the problem with Topaz Photo AI. So that’s great, though it feels a bit odd that Topaz have used 3 different approaches to save quality (eg Sharpen AI v4.1.0: 5 levels (lowest to max); Gigapixel to v6.2.2: 10 levels; Topaz Photo AI v1.1.6: 100 levels!).

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