Why does RAW editing seem to give such poor results in PhotoAI?

I am probably doing something wrong, but I am editing some bird photos in newly installed PhotoAI and whenever I use RAW I get horrible results, it tries to massively over sharpen, I get a colour cast (particularly if I use denoise) and results much worse than creating a TIFF via plug-in inside of Lightroom. Sadly I swapped to PhotoAI and ditched Sharpen/DeNoise AI subscription and think I have made a mistake as I still get better results using these - does anyone else have the same issues??

Many people prefer the older software. They are not on subscription so you can still use the versions you paid for.
In TPAI, you can change the model strength for sharpening. Try weak or very weak.

Thanks Ray, I have tried playing with the strength, also tried using denoise then using the recovery slider to sharpen but still not very good - I will try it with other subjects but so far it seems a long way off the standard of the rest of their products. I am still using the older versions, will these continue to be updated? I do miss the 4 way comparison view, the zoom slider and general flexibility of the older version but perhaps I will get used to it! I do like the auto resize function, often this sharpens enough by itself for heavily cropped shots.

TDNAI and SAI will get no further updates. If you are happy with them then why not carry on using them?

I think I will use both options at the moment and just hope that the RAW system sorts itself out, even with low strength sharpening it looks very crunchy and the colour taint is not attractive. I am pleased enough with the LR plug in version and have no real issue with TIFFs, so things are not so bad!
Thanks again…