Why do you sell an app that doesn't work and I can't find help support?

  1. App closes all the time, very slow , doesn’t complete the video and reboots the computer
  2. MAC PRO 3.3 12 Core intel - AMD Radeon pro 16 GB - 256 GB 2933 DDR4 - MacOS Ventura 13.6.6
  3. 15 secund video 1920x1080 MOV 75MB

If you go to the main Topaz page

and look at the bottom right hand corner you see this:


Click that link and once the dialogue box opens go to the top right and hit the ask prompt. Or you can email direct @ help@topazlabs.com

Unbelievable, I sent a message to support and received the message and they responded within 8 days. I think I’m an idiot

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