"Why Do I Love this Edit So Much?"

Those of you who follow me know that I love this old barn and house along Highland Ave. I have tons of versions of it. For some reason, I am really drawn to this edit from last week. Note: the edited look was created in Studio, Texture Effects, a modified use of "A Little Dingy.


Having spent many winters in the Pacific Northwest, I recognize the light here, between storms, probably around 50 degrees, with so much grey everywhere. Really nice tones. Subtle, well done.

Nice image and PP applied, I agree with @CabanaBoy about the subtle tones and overall look.

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I love it also!

There are places I keep giong back to, as well. Sometimes it’s because I don’t think I’ve nailed the best image and sometimes, like here, it’s because changing conditions provide new opportunities. It’s what keeps us going. Great image but don’t stop.

I think @Mond has summed it up “It’s what keeps us going. Great image but don’t stop.”
@john4jack the effect you created suits THAT image and leads you to experiment further on other images – so – don’t stop

Very grungy which fits the subject and cloud formations nail it.