Why are these Topaz Programs so damn big

Topaz Sharpen AI is 2.79GB,
Topaz Mask AI is 2.54GB
Topaz Studio 2 is 1.19GB
Topaz Noise AI is 1.11GB
Topaz Adjust AI is a more modest 409MB

Mask and Sharpen are bigger than Photoshop.
Why is this? Surely it’s totally bloated. These programs do very limited things.

I’ve a small SSD and these programs are killing it. Sharpen is slow and they others are very prone to crashing. I’ve very tempted to uninstall them and forget about Topaz.
Sharpen I think is the only one worth having and they are not cheap.

They are large because they include models for AI processing.

Have you checked the size of games? MS flight sim starts at 91 GB. Time to upgrade your computer.

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I believe MS Flight you can fly around the world and it contains all that detail.
Topaz Sharpening is only sharpening a photograph.

Yes, but it has to sharpen photos taken all around the world and it is a lot smaller than flight Sim. :smiley:

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