Why are dng files produced by denoise ai 6 times larger than my orignal 20 MB ORF file

why are dng files produced by topaz photo AI 6 times larger than my original ORF 20 MB files.( Mac OS 12.6.5). this increases my storage needs significantly. Topaz Photo AI does good work but takes up a lot of storage.

See this thread

I have the same issue, there is no facility to change the saved file output. This needs to be addressed.

When you use the Save function as a standalone you can select the output file type as you see here:

If you are using as a plugin select a different type of file using a Edit in function and select the type of file you are sending to Photo AI and it will retain that type when saving back to the host application.

Hey there! This is expected behavior for our DNG files, they are fully uncompressed so they will be quite large compared to RAW files that have a compression algorithm.

If you have a program like Adobe DNG Converter on your system, you can use this to compress your DNG files for storage.

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