Who You Callin' a Sucker?

A little Impression (Georgia O’Keefe) and a little glow.


great image

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very cool capture and processing - a winner all around

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Wonderful crop and treatment …

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Thanks @ShazzyCo, @FlickColeman, @BobKramer and @magicMike for taking the time to comment. I haven’t been around much, but I still play around a bit between Japanese exams. Arigatoo gazaimasu.

this one would be fun to play with other effects on. Maybe layering with blending modes, maybe some masking of the suction cups and eye to be unchanged and the rest with some glow effects.

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I actually used Glow in this version. As this is a bronze piece of sculpture, masking the eye wouldn’t do much other than make it dull. Certainly there are lots of other things I could do playing around with the image. Here is a version of the whole piece…


the entire piece is also very cool work

It is one of a set with different sea creatures on each–salmon, otters,