Which version?

Hi community,
Is there any consensus about which version works best so far?

I am currently on 3.0.0, and it seems that preserve text is lacking. My license supports up to 3.0.2, but from what I read so far preserve text last worked in version 2.3.2, but I have also read that 2.3.2 had some issue with face recovery. So is is the safest bet to go back to 2.3.0 until things get sorted and I can renew my license? Is there anything performance-wise that has improved since version 2.xx? I know the GUI is different compared to 3.xx, but I am mostly concerned with noise/sharpen/upscale performance.
Or is there another even older version I should try?
I use standalone mode on win10 with RTX3060Ti GPU.
Regards HAL