Which topaz product when…

I am another new user of the Photo tools and they are great! I am using Topaz Photo, Gigapixel, Sharpen and Denoise. They all seem to overlap somewhat and im wondering if there is an order that i should apply these for the best results? I have begun using Gigapixel first to increase the “canvas” that i have to work with, then ill use sharpen or Denoise depending on which I need most. When do I use Topaz photo (with autopilot) ? Is it common practice to use all of these tools when developing an image, or would it be more of an either/or situation? Other than Gigapixel, the other tools all seem to provide some control over sharpening and Denoise- im just wondering which product to use when.-Thanks!

It depends, but generally I would say it’s either use PhotoAI as the one-stop-shop it’s aiming to be, or stick with the “vintage tools” because they are more capable of letting you be in control of what you want. Mixing them may be appropriate in rare cases, but most of the time it will just take you more time to produce a muddled result in the end.

Thanks Andy- that is EXACTLY what I wanted to know! Thank you!