Which Product from Topaz AI can do this?

I was wondering which product from Topaz AI can do this ? And would be the right product to do this job ?

I am looking for a product which can using AI add missing pixels to this image and enhance it ?

Gigapixel AI?

Oh Wow ! This is what I am looking for ? How did you do it ? I mean what settings and functionalities did you use in Gigapixel AI ? To achieve this ?

That was quite easy: First I made the image smaller the old-fashioned way to bring the pixel density closer to the detail density. This will help the a. i. to work on the image data. Then I made an upscale via Gigapixel. a. i via the Recovery Beta option.

How did you made the image smaller ? Did you do that also in Gigapixel ? And is Beta Recovery Option also in Gigapixel AI ?

I just took it from the forum website, made the view in google chrome smaller via strg + minus and then used the windows snipping tool to cut out the image. if it had a regular image format I would have used any other tool or photoshop to do this. Yes, the Recovery is still in Beta but looking promising!

Hello @augustya,

I can see you wrote in to us to test this picture. Please check your email, I have sent a link to our Dropbox for you to send us the original picture.


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