Which Preset Did I select?

I am using Topaz plugins within Photoshop with the image layer defined as a Smart Object. I want to be able to be able to identify which preset I selected when I reopen the smart filter however Topaz does not identify which preset or presets have been selected and Photoshop won’t let me edit the filter name so I am reduced to writing a note to myself.

Anyone have a solution or work around.

I make a duplicate layer of the original image layer and make that my smart object layer.
Choose your plugin preset adjustments for that layer and remember what presets you used.
When you return to PS… you will be able to name that layer with the preset you used.

Not sure if this is what you mean or are looking for?

Thanks for the work around John - I was hoping there was a gap in my PS knowledge but was looking for any solution that saved me from writing out the exact Topaz settings.

Thanks again

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