Which plugin did I use? Stupid question

…but I can’t seem to find which one I used to improve this image. It’s from many years ago and I lost my notes for this image. HELP!


Here’s a little more detail showing why this plugin really works for this image.

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I would think maybe Topaz Simplify - maybe a buzsim preset


think @ShazzyCo has it

I vote with Shazzy as well


I agree probably with Simplify or maybe Impressions . Either way I really like this edit and it does go well with this image and the colors are great ! If you discover it and all the steps you used then do it again and save it in that program so you can use it again .

It certainly looks like Shazzy is correct. I’m able to duplicate (mostly) the finished product using Simplify Buzsim preset. Wow, I thought I had simply applied a preset and saved. Now I see that I must have worked on many of the sliders to achieve the final effect.

Many thanks to Sharon, Terry, Flick and Ronald for helping out! Really appreciate it! Also, thanks to Ronald for the kind comments. The basic image was nice, but the Simplify really made it snap and accentuated the best parts of the image.




As a staff member that has seen tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of images from our customers, my guess is that a mix of the Simplify Buzsim preset and possibly a light pass of Impression (blending is awesome!)

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