Which hardware to best manage SharpenAI?

Good morning.
I’ve been using SharpenAI for a few months.
I always wonder if it’s normal how slow images are processed, and then saved.
How long does it take in minutes for the result to be displayed?
My machine includes Asus Z 170 K motherboard, Intel i5 6600 3.300 Ghz - 3301 Mhz - 4 cores - 4 logical processors, and Nvidia GeForce GT 740 graphics card.
SharpenAI is precisely managed by the graphics of the Nvidia GeForce GT 740 video card, and probably 16 GB of RAM are not entirely sufficient to speed up the processes of the algorithms, and this is why I consider my hardware not very suitable to be able to manage the AI processing graphics.
I wonder how long it takes your SharpenAI to save a file, on average?
Thank you.

For your system specs I wouldn’t expect more than that as you may just meet the minimum system requirements if your GTX740 has 2GB of dedicated vRAM …


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Thanks for your answer.

I checked the GPU specs, and I’d say this video card isn’t exactly the best.

VRAM is 9146 MB, via DXDIAG command.

In fact in System Information it tells me 1GB RAM memory.

I would say Sharpen AI save processes might be slow due to this factor?



The processes will be slow due to the GPU. For example I have 2 PC’s, one an ageing HP and a new ASUS, you can see both specifications here and even though the HP is acceptable processing the ASUS is really fast. For example most images run through Sharpen AI take 15-20 seconds at least 5 times faster than the HP:

Both PC’s Win 11 x64 System with Intuos Pen & Touch
PC1 ASUS ROG Strix - AMD Ryzen 9 6900X CPU @ 3.3GHz. 32GB RAM

- GPU 1: AMD Radeon integrated. GPU 2: NVIDIA RTX 3060, 6GB
PC2 HP Pavilion -
Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), 16GB RAM
- GPU 1: Intel HD Graphics 630, GPU 2: NVIDIA GTX1050, 4GB

So the basics are really a i7 or better CPU, minimum 16GB RAM and a current GPU with at least 4GB dedicated vRAM.

I’m trying to determine which hardware components to replace on my PC.
I’ve been using a configurator for some time to understand what I need, also considering the upgrade based on my budget.
Although I use a Nikon Z6 II, a D810 and a D7200 for my photos, raising the ISO to high values, I necessarily need the SharpenAI software, which greatly improves the problem of digital noise.
So I’m going to buy these components.

Motherboard / MSI Pro Z790-P WiFi DDR4 LGA 1700 ATX.

CPU / Intel Core i7-13700K 13th Gen 3.4 GHz 16-Core 24 Threads LGA 1700 BX8071513700K

GPU / PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Hellhound 8GB GDDR6 HDMI 2.1 AXRX 6600XT 8GBD6-3DHL/OC.

I opened a thread on the Microsoft Community a few days ago, and I was told that to speed up AI processing processes, the number of processor cores must be taken into account, because information travels faster if the instructions are divided between the cores, and send faster to the GPU. I think I understand this.

Davide Bonora