Which Encoder, Intel or Nvidia?

My hardware is a little weak in the meantime: Intel I7 6700K, Nvidia GTX 960. Therefore the renderingspeed is just 1,1 FPS. I tried to figure out if there is a difference using Encoder H264 high (Intel) or H264 high (Nvidia) when deinterlacing and upscaling DV-clips to FHD. There is no difference in speed AND no difference in workload of the HD Graphics 530 and the GTX 960. In both cases the task manager shows 1-2% for the HD Graphics 530 and 95-100% for the GTX 960. Why does the HD 530 work with just 1-2% using the Encoder Encoder H264 high (Intel)???


No matter what encoder you choose, the performance pressure is on the external graphics card (GTX960), don’t compare the integrated graphics card with the independent graphics card.

Thanks for this information! Considering to buy a new graphics card especially for Video Enhance AI: which one has the best price-performace-ratio?


There are many factors to consider when choosing a graphics card, and the price fluctuates greatly. You should go to a more mainstream communication platform to discuss it. I suggest you choose an Nvidia graphics card with a reasonable price.