Where to check Topaz Studio raw profiles

I have recently started using Topaz Studio for image editing with the professional adjustments and AI pack. I am trying to find out how or where I can check whether Studio has a raw image profile for my camera make/model in it’s database.
I have an Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II (a mirrorless, micro four thirds).
Is there a list somewhere of the camera or raw image profiles Studio currently has in it’s database that customers can check?


Check on the LibRAW website as that is the RAW conversion used.

We make mention of the version of LibRaw we’re using here:

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Can we update to a later version of LibRAW ourselves, or do we have to wait for Topaz Labs to incorporate a later version in to Studio? I am also looking for support for Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II.

No, you will need to wait as DLL’s need to be linked via a compiler.

AiDon is correct, we have to build the library into our software for things to work properly. It’s no small feat, as each library update requires extensive work to ensure all aspects of RAW processing work correctly. As we are a small team, we want to make sure these updates are solid and safe before undertaking it.

Thank you both for the information. I hope you will have time to update the LibRAW soon. The version currently included is several years old. It is disappointing to see the lack of support for more recent cameras.

Ah - I’m having trouble with Fuji x-e3 raw files in both Classic and Studio v2. I see my camera is supported in the latest libraw. Can you update us on the status of integrating the new version? Could it really be possible you are using an old version in brand new Studio 2? I opened a support request (190218) two weeks ago but haven’t had any answer.

You will need to wait for a reply to your open ticket, v0.17 of LibRAW is currently being used.

Yes, well, I’ve been waiting, but it’s been two months to the day since I submitted my request and I’ve pinged them twice since then. Pretty disappointing that they are using such an old library for such an important feature, and even more disappointing that they won’t respond to my support request.

At the moment RAW editing is available but unsupported. The update of the RAW processing is being worked on but there is no announced release date.

Just to update, in case anyone else is watching this issue: I did just hear back from the support team. They say:

We’re aware that our RAW support is a little on the spotty side. We’re working on getting this fixed, but it will take some time to implement. In the meanwhile, we recommend converting your RAFs to TIFs, those tend to open without a problem!

Not a very helpful answer, but at least there was a reply.

My two cents:
I’m a software guy, started as a developer moved up eventually to executive management. I get how the process works. There’s incredible pressure to build new features and products at the expense of technical debt. I love my Topaz products and believe TopazLabs to be a super innovative company, but relying on such an old dependency (and lacking support for modern cameras) makes me fear for the future of the software. Technical debt can take your product crashing down.