Where is This?

Can you guess which city this is and/or which river this is? I processed it very gently with Topaz Adjust, trying to keep it natural appearing but bringing out the contrast and the colors of twilight.




With a little snooping … The UFO bridge and observation deck as seen from the castle in Bratislava? Nice processing :slight_smile: Danube River?

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@AiDon - totally correct - I am impressed by how fast you were!

Now has anyone else been there?

Nice work. Boss is talking about a river cruise next year. Perhaps I’ll get to see it.

Never been …looks amazing.

Never been :slight_smile:

nice natural pp. No, I have not been to Bratislava

The snooping has lead me to Danube and Bratislava - and I didn’t read down the post to check out — honest - certainly looks a modern city

Beautiful scene and nicely captured.Nice processing as well.

This is really nice, Ken. That magic moment of twilight.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @AiDon, @fotoman, @BobKramer, @Laundromat, @el48tel, @digital2006 and @XiaoLin, I really appreciate them!

The view is of the new town from the castle. The caste is beautiful and has an excellent restaurant, I post photos of that later. The old town is extremely scenic and very full of life, I will post photos from there, too.

@fotoman - Bratislava is definitely worth visiting and I am sure a Danube cruise would be great fun. I also love Budapest and think Budapest is the most beautiful city I have visited in Europe (and that includes Paris :wink:) I will defiantly post photos from there, too :smile:


Great capture and nice touch with the PP used. I like how it enhanced the image but I maybe would have brought back the whites to the clouds a little at the top of the sky only… what advantage point did you take this from? It’s a very nice capture!

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @cre8art!

That is a very interesting part about the white of the clouds. I worked hard on the white balance in lightroom trying to get it to match what I remembered, but it is so difficult with twilight, I may have not done it perfectly. It reminded me of a discussion I had with @Michael_DeLisio here about white balance. I did another version with a little adjustment to the white balance, but I think that I like the original a little better.

The view point in from the castle, which sits on a little hill above the city, and you can see the castle here…


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Was watching A YouTube video the other day about colour balance in night images so here’s my take…

So might be slightly “overcooked” because it was not the original image

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Thanks for the info on the castle viewpoint and image… and it’s always fun to go with the wild side.
I understand your point about the white balance.

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Thank you for your version, @el48tel - I like the purple colors! I still think my first version was closest to what I remember…

When I started digital photography, I thought that it was great that I could take a photograph and then have a memory of exactly what a scene looked like and maybe I could paint an image from the photo in the future.

Now I think that I should paint an image (on my iPhone or iPad?) when I take a photo so that I have some hope of the photo matching what I really saw???

And don’t suggest taking a photo of a gray card, that takes all the romance out of it :wink:


“I like the purple colors! I still think my first version was closest to what I remember…” I have the PS settings if you want them

“And don’t suggest taking a photo of a gray card, that takes all the romance out of it” — I have a SpyderCube and a X-rite Colour Checker! — and I did find my Kodak Grey card from 1977 in the recent reno we did for the office!

Great - that would very nice!

That reminds me - I used to have a camera that made every sunset a beautiful shade of gold - whether that matched reality or not :smile:


I’ll PM the settings