Where is the Fog effect?

Before there was Studio, there was a fog effect somewhere in the one of the products - perhaps in Lens effects. Does anyone know where it is in today’s products?



You can use the color overlay filter in Studio 2 with the color set to white. Use the mask to adjust where it is applied. Here is an example.



Thank you. That works but the Fog effect had a lot of intelligence, with multiple controls for the size position of fog, density, and a few other settings. I remember is ground fog being one really good preset (I think it was a preset). So I appreciate this but I am still wanting the Fog effect back!

Hi, There was a Fog Effect in Lens Effects but pretty limited. You can achieve the same effects using the Color Overlay filter and masking in Studio.

This is what you remember:

If you use a host and had previously purchased Lens Effects just download it and enter your key and use it.


If you still have Lens Effects installed you can reach it from LR Photo/edit menu > Topaz Plug-in > Lens Effects or via PS Filter menu > Topaz Labs > Topaz PhotoFX lab > (Filter menu) Topaz Labs > Lens Effects.

Thanks, Don.

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