Where Does Studio Leave Loyal Users Who Purchased Every Plug-In?

I’ve been a loyal Topaz user for many years and have purchased every plug-in. I do not understand where Studio fits in or where Studio leaves users who have invested in Topaz over the years. I do not understand what value Studio has for those of us who have already purchased the plug-ins.

I went to look for an update to Simplify and it looks like it’s only available within Studio now? What’s the upgrade path?

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The development direction that Topaz is using going forward is to have a single development platform and that is Studio. The Simplify Plugin will list in the filter section of Topaz Studio in your host and you will be able to call it directly as you do now.

There will be an announcement, as the update was only released yesterday, with instructions on how to claim your free update to Simplify. Of course, you can still use the current plugin as you normally do but it will no longer be updated.

Note that if you own all plugins there are similar updates to Clarity, Detail and Impression and to can find the instructions to update on the blog at:


There are several threads on here with your same question. It has been explained by Topaz in one of their promotions also.
Here’s something to think about. Many graphic host applications do not support photo shop plugins but they do support external editors. Topaz Studio is an external editor that will work with these other applications. Additionally, Topaz Studio takes advantage of graphic card capabilities that plugins can not do because they are limited to some extent by being a plugin to photo shop.
I thought the same as you until I started an earnest review of graphic host applications and found that many of my plugins are not compatible with a lot of them where as they do support external editors. Meaning, my Topaz plugins will work through Topaz Studio along with newer processes developed by Topaz.
It’s free, try it out, your current Topaz filter plugins will work in Studio. You lose nothing, you actually gain.
Just my 2 cents.

So if I understand this correctly if I already own the plug-ins then I just need to validate them in Studio and I will continue to get free upgrades for life?

You have the basic concept correct. If Topaz continues to update the plugins you get the update, free for life. Regardless, the plugins will continue to work in studio.
Topaz has already converted Clarity in to a Studio equivalent of two adjustments, they also updated Impressions to a Studio version that has more features and capabilities then the plugin version. If you owned Clarity and Impression you get the studio equivalent(s) for free.
Take a look at your plugins adjustments. Most have masking features, basic adjustments to exposure, shadow, highlights, edge detection technology etc. Studio takes all the basic adjustments common to all plugins and puts them in Studio once so it’s not needed to duplicate again and again. Then the secret sauce stuff of the plugins (adjustment) can be added in an adjustment stack as needed. You can have the secret sauce components of Adjust, Clarity, Detail added without going to different plugins, it will all be there to mix and match. Plus it appears the Studio adjustments are less expensive then the plugin versions.
Studio is getting updated regularly including more features as well as bug fixes etc. I updated last week to 1.4.4 and it is now at 1.5.1 (so I read). It’s the future.

I believe that what is happening is that every plugin has an ‘engine’ - wrapped like a car in a ‘body’ - the user interface. So for each plugin - there is a single car - engine and interface.

Topaz Studio could be imagined as a multi-engined car - just the one user interface - you just swap out the plugin/engine each time.

The use of one, single interface - but a multitude of plugins - allows the user interface extra enhancements, which is where the Adjustments and Community sections come in. The ‘body’ is super enhanced - supplementing and complementing each plugin, giving it extra power and facility.

So the traditional engine from each of the old, standard and much loved plugins is still there - just given a shiny new and expanded wrapper or interface - one interface for all plugins - instead of one interface for each plugin.

So now there is time saved in not having to close one interface and re-open yet another: you can (eventually) apply all plugins from inside the one and only interface which is Studio. That also allows you to make custom presets across all the plugins - something from Clarity, something from Adjust, something from Detail, something from Impression… a myriad combinations in one, convenient, self-made preset.

Thanks all. I think I finally understand how this works.

Studio is an interesting project, but it is a mistake for Topaz to abandon work on stand alone plugins. Yes the Studio updated versions are nice, but many loyal users like their presets and to be able to use stand alone plugins in their favorite host editor or for some as stand alones. No, I won’t use Studio as a plugin in a host editor as it is a half baked cake with loads of constant problems it seems every week.

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