Where do I find old versions of topaz plugins?

I have a problems with all of the topaz products I’ve bought. The sharpen AI doesn’t start at all, but crashes every time I try to open it. So I would like to use an older version which was working properly.

Then denoise addon I am not happy with, because it is leaving some noise patterns in the image that I don’t like and I cannot remove. The older version was doing better quality imho. So I would like to use for that also the old version.

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Download from theLegacy downloads on the main website.

Can you please link where I can download denoise AI version 1.3.3. I have to be very stupid or I just cannot find it. This is everything I find: Topaz Labs

Same thing with Sharpen Ai

I was very happy with these products, but then the denoise ai was updated to that version where the interface was changed and which doesn’t anymore remove the noise as well as it used to be. Then Sharpen Ai was also updated (I think) and it doesn’t open on my pc. It just crashes.

Raise a support request at the main website.

Try these for the installer. They are on my dropbox. Since they require topaz to still have the files available I can’t guarantee they will work.

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It is my experience that requests get answered if they think they have a solution but do not when they cannot help.

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Thank you, I’ve downloaded those and test if it will work.

And yeah. My request has not been answered yet, so I’ll be waiting if they have a solution to this.

Yep. it didn’t work. I installed the old version of denoise ai and it just crashes. The new version works still, but just makes bad results… This is just very weird issue.

Am I only one whose denoise Ai doesn’t remove the noise?

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Did you raise a support request, you have no idea until you do.

I got an answer from them.

They said that the noise algorithm is not changed from the previous version so the noise issue should be related to the image itself. But I have to say, I’ve been testing the same images that used to work in the previous version and I had no such problems with it. So I don’t know what’s going on.

I’ll put a link to an image file that I was using as a test subject for the noise removal. I remember that with the previous version of denoise ai, the images from this squirrel photo series become noise free, even when these are really noisy and overall bad images. Now I cannot do it anymore and I don’t know why. How I typically would work with the plugin was that I first make a super clean noiseless image and then with photoshop opacity, mix it with the original to have a version I am happy with.

Second thing they said was that “In some cases, GPU settings in your Advanced Preferences of our program can introduce artifacts and you’ll want to lower those settings from High to Medium to Low, etc.”

edit: I’ve now tested that and found out that the GPU setting definitely has an effect on this. with LOW memory setting I get better results. Also I found out that disabling GPU completely I get even better results but it just takes really long to process.

I have raised many issues with Support in the past with very mixed results.

I am pleased to say in this instance I have just received a response from Shanna advising me to use the previous version until a fix is worked out.

I just tried your picture in Denoise 1.3.3 which is the one I use. As I have tested and stated before, Denoise AI model works well for low to medium noise while for high noise AI clear is the proper choice. Using AI Clear worked very well.

Thanks for testing sir!

I also did some tests with different settings and found out that if I disable the GPU from settings, the results are way more better. It was able to find details I though never could be saved from this image. You need to view the image in full size to see it. Look the low contrast fine details such as whiskers and tail fur etc.

I assume you used the AI Clear setting to remove noise? Also, run the best result through Sharpen AI using the Stabilize mode to sharpen it up even more. It will leave some blurred areas where there is no detail.

I was not using the AI clear for it. The thing that seem to make it work is to change the GPU memory setting from the preferences. It was working with AUTO setting, but if I touched the slider and moved it at all, then it didn’t remove the noise anymore correctly but added the noise pattern there.

edit: Ok, I don’t know anymore anything. I installed the new update and it seem to be working again. Also sharpen AI is working now perfectly with the newest version.

Hello Arturri.
I have just come across your post and although some considerable time has passed, I was wondering if you did manage to find a solution?
I had what can only be described as the exact situation arise with both Sharpen Ai + DeNoise Ai back in May 2021 which also included the artifacting that you describe.
I have been a user of Topaz programs for some time now & have 7 of their programs which I consider to be exceptional products and I was certainly concerned when this issue started.
I reached out to Topaz and had many constructive conversations with Eric Lowery, their operations manager, who also involved the program developer, Suraj, in the conversation who in turn passed the information to AMD (as I use AMD CPU + 8Gb AMD Radeon RX 570 GPU). This included a couple of Zoom sessions with Eric which were very helpful but, unfortunately we were unable to find a full solution.
Anyhow, to get to the point, I did a lot more testing, and soul searching and went back to basics and, having a fair amout of experience in building and fault finding of PC’s, I found the problem and the cure! The PSU was faulty !!!
I tested it and it was not giving sufficient power to the SATA connections AND, most significantly, to the GPU power lead (8 pin).
I had been able to operate Topaz using CPU to render, painfully slowly, but the GPU was just not receiving the voltage required and so just crashed !
One new PSU later and all is working fine with all my Topaz programs up to latest versions, as of today, and working extremely fast, less than a couple of seconds to render an image. Even one deliberately pushed to high rendering requirements.
I hope that you did find a cure for your own problem and maybe someone else may find this post helpful.
Kind regards to you, and the Topaz team. (PS. I am in no way affiliated to Topaz or AMD).
Ken Sweet - UK.