Where can I find developer signatures for all apps (sha256, pgp, etc.)?

Hi Everyone,

New here. Was looking for developer signatures to verify the files I’ve downloaded haven’t been tampered with (modified to include malicious code) but haven’t been able to find any signatures. Anyone have more info? Right now I’m looking specifically for the Photo AI latest file’s signatures but I plan on downloading the rest of the apps.


Use a AntiVirus after you download, the apps are signed to Topaz Labs LLC.

Right-click the EXE or MSI file and select Properties. Click the Digital Signatures tab to check the signature .

Thanks Don! Sorry, I should have mentioned I’m on Mac. Do you know if it works in a similar way? File name downloaded is TopazPhotoAI-1.0.10.pkg if it helps.

I’m not sure, if the file was downloaded from Topaz then it is OK if you downloaded from anywhere other than the main website or the forum here, trash it and download again. I believe Gatekeeper handles security for .pkg files.

Thanks again Don. I’ll take a look at Gatekeeper, first time I hear of it.

Honestly, ever since the Handbrake servers got compromised with malware version of the app I’ve tried to make it a point to check the signatures of almost every app if possible (very few exceptions like apps downloaded via App store). See link below from Panic software where they downloaded the malicious software which led to their code being stolen.

Maybe I’m paranoid but I rather be on the safe side and wait for some checksums. I also emailed support, hopefully I get an answer soon!

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