Where can I change file name upon save in Photo AI?

I’d like to have Photo AI (v 1.3.0) save images with a suffix such as “photoai”. This is similar to how DeNoise automatically saves with a suffix. But, I can’t see where to make this change.

Here is my workflow:

  1. LR Classic > File > Plug-In Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI
  2. Make changes
  3. Click blue button labled “Save Image to Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug-In”. This automatically processes and saves the file.

Again, the program is not presenting an option to change the file name as described at 8:28 in the Topaz Video on YouTube, Topaz Photo AI Quick Start Video - YouTube


Have a look under preferences where those options for prefix, suffix and settings can be set.

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t see those options. Under Preferences, I see only two tabs: General and Autopilot. Neither tab contains anything about saving images.

When you click the Save button you should get this Export window… Upper right side lets you do what you want.

My Save button is “Save to Adobe Lightroom Classic”, not “Save”.

After clicking that button, it automatically goes to the window that shows the queue and then saves the file without any possibility of changing export settings.

Okay… Sending a file from LR, Topaz sends back what it gets from LR… You can control the file naming of the file in LR before you send it to Topaz via the plug-in…

Goto LR’s Preferences… External Editors, the last option at the bottom of the page… You can change the file naming method there…that prompts you for the file name before you send it to Topaz…

Thanks for sticking w/ this.

I found that setting the LR External Editor file naming method will apply that change to all plug-ins. Not just the one selected.
My other Topaz apps save their resulting files by appending “Topaz Noise AI” or “Topaz Sharpen AI”. But Topaz Photo AI just saves the file with a number appended to the file name. I wonder why?
And how is your Photo AI presenting you with an export options dialog, but mine simply saves the file.

In stand-alone, you get the Export dialogue screen… If Topaz gets the file via a Plug-in from a host program, it just returns what it gets back to the host… Seems logical to me… If I’m using a host editor and only using Topaz via a plug-in, I just want Topaz to return my file after making the 3 or 4 feature corrections… Topaz is not a primary editor… I’ll use LR or another full-blown editor for my primary editing… Export sizing and naming is better handled by LR than Topaz…


Thanks, Fred. I now see that starting Photo AI in stand alone does present the Export Settings before saving the image.

My original post did indeed state that my workflow was to operate PhotoAI within LR. But the video from Topaz didn’t point out that the Export Settings were exclusive to the stand-alone version.

Thanks again.