When will DeNoise and Sharpen be native for M1 Chip

Has there been any indication as to when DeNoise, Sharpen (and others) will be native on the M1 Chipeset?

They run with Rosetta but it is excruciatingly slow (2 minutes to process a Denoise file.).

You will need to contact support at the main Topaz Labs website.

That’s what I was afraid of. I was hoping maybe someone from Topaz would answer if it was coming soon or never or somewhere between.


The reason that you need to contact support is that this is a user to user forum and no one here would have any idea when support for M1 chips is coming.

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Thanks. I wasn’t trying to be short with you. I appreciate the answer. I was dealing with Topaz support last night (well auto responses mostly). Getting through to someone was not easy.

Oh well, I’ll have to wait and see when/if it happens. As it is, it performs well on Intel Macs but the performance on the M1 Mac is abysmal.

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I suspect they’re running a skeleton staff at Topaz due to Corona

That may be the case. Thanks

Come on. This kind of work can be done 100% remotely, from home.

If you feel it is that easy you should offer your services and complete the migration.

Really? I work in another business. But all our IT staff works remotely and as efficiently as it was when everyone was on site. Look at CA software companies with 90% of staff working from home.

And Don, another such personal offense, and i will complain to your network behavior.

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The problem is there are people that offer opinions and have absolutely no idea of the development environment they are commenting about. And … please complain but don’t forget to offer proof of the validity of your comment.

I don’t really have a “dog in this hunt” other than to say I worked in the IT industry for 36 years. Am now happily retired. The last 5 or 6 years of my career was spent working from home and all the staff on my projects were also working remotely. We used WebEx for our daily project meetings, MSProject for tracking progress on major critical path tasks and our shared server space for uploading work and downloading assignments. To be honest, the working environment improved, morale on the team improved and there was a measurable improvement in productivity. Overall cost of projects was about the same. If there was cost savings from the remote work environment it was minimal. There may have been some savings on office space but that was sunk cost as the company owned the buildings instead of leasing them. My project teams from around the globe would get together twice a year for face to face strategy sessions which involved Monday through Friday half day meetings. We did this in June and in December. My project team had members from Poland, UK, Russia, China, India, Philippines, Brazil, USA, Italy, and Spain.

It is very possible and profitable in the IT industry to have a work from home / remote work environment. The remote work environment in the IT industry predates the COVID-19 pandemic by years.

None of this, however, is related to my original question which has been answered as well as I believe it could here.


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