When I use Removal Noise, it causes the generation of colorful patterns, which is problematic

Photo AI 2.3.0

/A colorful mottled pattern appears
/Some things happen by chance
/The problem occurs even if the image is edited and saved in Photoshop (changed the conditions)
/I don’t use autopilot, I operate it manually
/Occurs when remove noise is checked

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スクリーンショット 2024-01-31 095036

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i have had this issue on two photos myself…

Try using autopilot and adjust the settings to your liking to see if that helps as it will remove chroma noise also.

Hi there thanks for bringing this to our attention, were you facing this issue with the previous version of the app or is this only happening with the latest update?

I tried using ‘Autopilot’. In ‘Autopilot’, only ‘Sharpen’ was checked, not ‘Remove Noise’, but mottled patterns still appeared.
Therefore, it became clear that such patterns can occur even without ‘Remove Noise’ being selected.

It has been happening since a previous version, but I don’t remember which version.
The purchase date was December 9, 2023, and I noticed the issue on December 23.

Today, mottled patterns appeared in two works as well.

I am having the same issue. Big blocks of color shift, especially noticeable in the sky.

Have stopped using until it gets fixed!!!

You can see the squares across the sky.

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