When I use Chronos how do I save the audio and then add it back?

I want to make a Video 60fps no Slomo but it tells me it will not output audio. So how do I save the audio?

A second question. On another video the audio is out of sync how do I adjust this?

I have a great video dying to be 60fps.

Pull your audio track out first with mkvtoolnix & then add it back in after. It does not recode so you lose nothing.

For your out of sync issue choose the audio track then add however many seconds delay in the box you need…if it’s way out to lunch you may need to trim your video or use a negative value. Again it won’t recode so you lose nothing but keep in mind toolnix works at keyframes only, so a little trial & error may be necessary to get it just right…i’m sure there are other programs that do the same but that’s what i use.

Thank you =)

Wow I feel like a actual video editor now LOL.

thanx for the info! I started using Chronos 30fps → 60fps but found out no audio in the new file.

Yea now I use Handbreak to get the file at 120 FPS and I put it into the newest mp4 codec. I will wait for this product to catch up then use it lol cause I am lazy.