When called from Apple Photos, Photo AI does the job but fails to save picture back in the Apple Photos app

  1. Choose a picture in Apple Photos
  2. Select “edit in Topaz Photo AI” from the (…) menu
  3. Make any edits you want
  4. Hit the “Save to Apple Photos” button on the bottom right of the Topaz Photo AI window

You get the following error message and nothing is saved

Tried quitting both apps and relauch them. Updated to Photo AI 2.2.1, even deleted it and reinstalled it.
Running macOS Sonoma fully uptodate. Problem had been around a few months ago, had disappeared and surrected back a few days ago.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1.1] on [Mac]

This issue has always been around - just only for unedited portrait oriented images.

Landscape ones do work and also portrait orientation images but only after a slight edit before in Apple Photos (like cropping a few pixels).

Unfortunately no one at Topaz seems to care anymore - as it is with most Apple issues.

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