When an update is available

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All too often, I start using Photo AI, and after processing several images, I happen to look up and note that there is an update available. Sure, at this point, I do not know if that update could have provided greater images, but one never knows, so I stop and quit the images in progress. Then I run the updater and go back to work.

I would prefer having a floating window pop up in the middle of Photo AI’s window, letting me know (and have a “Close” and/or “Remind me Later” option for those who wish to get on with their work).

You don’t have to update, the next day it will be there again.

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@AiDon Sure, but I often miss it up in the righthand corner. There have been times when two updates were waiting for me. I’d rather get them when they come and off in the righthand corner, I do miss them.

@gary-8526 I appreciate your eagerness to get the updates.

We release new versions every Thursday afternoon Central Time if that makes your update schedule more predictable. If more users are also having the same problem with updates interrupting their workflows, we could consider changing the notification somehow.