When altering "Subject" preview jumps to upper left corner

When I alter the subject for sharpening, by clicking the “subject” button, the preview focus jumps to the upper left corner instead of remaining the preview window I selected before.
This slows down the workflow, as it starts updating all over when I select the preview I had before.
Is it possible to remain the preview selected before instead of moving it to the upper left corner ?

@johnny.de_gruyter Thanks for reporting this. This is not the expected behavior.

Please upload the log files so I can see what’s going on in the application. To do that, open Topaz Photo AI and go to the Help > Open Log Folder menu option and drag and drop the files to a reply here.


Hello Tim,

hereby included the log-files.

To be more specific. I’m always using Photo AI as a plugin to PhotoShop CS6.

At the moment, I’m editing a lot of landscape pictures. The subject selection is very good in finding people when I’m editing portraits, but in a most cases landscape pictures’s subject is the whole picture.
Some of my pictures are HiRes pano’s. So, clicking the subject-knob to select “Landscape”. However, Dubble clicking the subject-knob sends the focus strait up to the left corner.

And that upper left corner is often part of the sky. So, nothing interesting to see if the noise reduction and sharpening has been like I want it.

result after double clicking “subject”


2023-07-21-19-27-19.tzlog (110 KB)

2023-07-22-12-35-41.tzlog (12.6 KB)

2023-07-22-12-39-14.tzlog (84.1 KB)

2023-07-22-12-44-37.tzlog (137 KB)

2023-07-21-15-27-45.tzlog (146 KB)

2023-07-21-15-34-18.tzlog (109 KB)

2023-07-21-15-40-20.tzlog (110 KB)

2023-07-21-15-47-3.tzlog (100 KB)

2023-07-21-15-59-15.tzlog (199 KB)

2023-07-21-16-21-36.tzlog (110 KB)

2023-07-21-17-02-42.tzlog (110 KB)

I was able to reproduce this issue. It only happens with the split preview.

I made a task for my team to look into and fix this.

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