What's your favorite tool, if you could only have one?

If you could only have one Topaz tool, which one would you choose?

If you are referring to a plug-in “tool”…probably Adjust would be the one I’d miss most. It’s used on almost every image one way or another.

Clarity would be the one if I only had one choice . And that would be the version I have that came out before it was made part of Topaz Studio . Clarity always help me decide if I needed other plugins or programs to edit .

Remask is my favorite.

Denoise - couldn’t exist without it.


B&W Effects 2 is what I consider the premier B&W conversion tool … great basic conversions, fast and excellent creative effects.

As a complete package it is second to none … BUT … I shall leave that unanswered :slight_smile:

yes it is, but I like them all

I think I’d have to go for Adjust, and specifically Spicify.

Adjust. It was the first Topaz plugin I bought and it’s still my favourite.

Put me in the Adjust crowd as well - I too use it in almost every image. However, soon I will say Studio assuming that it comes with all of the features, but then it would be easy to argue that that was cheating - but I wouldn’t care.

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