What way around for old Hi8 tapes, run Video AI or Light/Colour adjustment?


So Im looking to improve some old Hi8 video tapes and many of them are quite dark so they will need a fair bit of light adjustment and colour corrction etc. Now I really do not know whether I should do that first and then upscale with Video AI or whether I should run Video AI first on the unaltered footage and then adjust lighting etc?

Does it even matter? Will Video AI SEE more detail to play with if I adjust lighting first if that makes sense?

Any advice most welcome.


In general we recommend running the original hi8 tape captures through Video AI and then importing the results into your preferred editing app for further tweaking and adjusting.

I’m going to disagree with Tony here. In my experience, when you bring up the levels, it tends to expose blocky or washed out areas that were previously hidden to the eye by the darkness, and the AI does tend to treat those areas differently after grading, as if it sees the image the way the eye would see it. It’s completely subjective, but I’ve tested this quite a bit and that’s my preference.